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"Excuse Me, Your Faith is Showing."

Genuine Faith in Jesus will show itself in the way we handle trials, in the way we speak, and in the way we handle conflict. Come join us for this 3 part series as we explore how Faith impacts various aspects of our lives. If your faith is real, then show it to the world!

You can listen to the series on the messages page here, the dates being from December 30th 2018 through January 13th 2019 or you can select "Series" from the drop down menu to only show that series of messages.

Hope is Real. 

How Important Is Hope To You?

What is hope? Where can we find it? Often we hope in things that end up disappointing us: possessions, money, work, other people. We hope for approval, acceptance, satisfaction, peace.

So how come no matter what we do, these days things seem to feel so...hopeless?

You can listen to the 10 part series titled "Is That All There Is?" by selecting "Series" from the drop down menu in the above Messages section and starting on Page 2 (as the sermons are listed with the newest on the first page). Come learn how hope really is within our grasp. We will explore what hope is and what it means to have hope. We’ll look at how mankind searches for it in the wrong places and where the right place is to find it.